Sami Hussaini a wonderful man, truly an asset to Dallas-Fort Worth Airport. I lost my passport amidst a hectic day, and while some employees in the airport were passive in helping me and dismissive, Sami took it upon himself to go above and beyond and make sure that my passport was retrieved. In the end, his collaboration, humility, and kind social skills helped finally retrieve my passport. I was able to move on in my day and in my travels. I will never forget Sami and I hope that he is retained as much as possible at Dallas Fort Worth airport.

Best Regards & Sincerely, Emmanuel Awdishu MD

Sami Hussaini again demonstrates why he is an exceptional asset to our team and our valued guests through his positive attitude, kindness, friendly and caring service. Sami is quick to identify situations where he may have a positive influence and will not hesitate to step in and assist someone in need.

Juan C. Ponce Terminal Experience Supervisor

Nora Ashwander

Nora had assisted a young Chinese lady with flight and gate information. Shortly thereafter the same young lady’s passport was turned in to her at the Ambassador’s kiosk.

She had exhausted her options for (AOC) paging and reaching out to AA and was not able to get assistance for paging in Chinese. She told me the young lady did not speak very much English at all.


I went down and picked up the passport from Nora and got the flight information the young lady had requested. Nora was very resourceful and reviewed her iPad history to get that information for me. I was going to go to each gate and speak with an agent to see if they could tell me if she was on a certain flight and try to have it returned to the passenger that way.

I was on my way to gate D40, which was one of the departure gates the young lady had requested information about when I saw someone who looked like her walking slowly and appeared very lost. I stopped her and asked if it was her passport and it was indeed hers. She was very relieved and thankful!

As you well know, losing a passport can seriously interrupt your international travel plans! Nora’s persistence and determination to help the customer certainly made a difference!

Thanks for all you do!

Clara Griffiths Meyer Customer Experience Standards Specialist-Customer Experience

Nancy Smith

Nancy Smith is stationed at the B29 Ambassador booth. I met her for the first time during a Monday evening shift and she has such a wonderful personality. She shared a story about a gentleman that approached her and was extremely upset with AA. Nancy directed the passenger to visit the A20 service center for rebooking. The very next week she remembered that story and she told me that he returned to her podium later that day to express his appreciation with her direction. AA took such good care of him and he was happy with the outcome. She exhibits passion for what she does and I admire her for her love for aviation and our guests. It was great getting to know her background and I look forward to seeing her smiling face each Monday. 

Lindsay Krasniqi Terminal Experience Supervisor-Customer Experience