As DFW Airport prepares to welcome our employees back to the workplace in the early part of January 2021, we would like to better understand your thoughts and concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and airport's efforts to keep you safe. We would appreciate it if you will take the time to complete this survey by November 22,2020. This it will allow us time to respond to any questions and concerns you might have when you are considering returning to volunteering as a DFW Airport Ambassador.

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COVID-19 Survey

We look forward to having you all back at the airport with us. Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts and concerns about returning. We welcome your feedback as we prepare everyones' safe return at DFW Airport Ambassador Program.


How comfortable would you feel returning to volunteer at the Airport?


How soon would like to return to volunteer at the Airport?


Which of the following would make you more comfortable about returning to volunteer at the Airport?

Check all that apply 


Given the current COVID19 safety procedures and requirements, how long would you be comfortable to volunteer during a shift at the terminals?


Please describe any concerns you have about returning to volunteer at the Airport